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How to improve quality score of your landing pages

How to improve quality score of landing page

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, you should take Quality Score very seriously. Ultimately, quality score is important for ad position and how much you spend per click. Every account must Have a good Quality Score, however, it can be difficult to optimize for. Every PPC Manager experiences that some things work for one account might not work for another. There are few things aren’t in your control i.e. landing pages which require web designers and web developers to manage. Still, you can focus on other components that are under your control can contribute to Quality Score and can make a big difference.

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In total, Google makes more than $100 million per day with AdWords.

let’s understand first Google definition and the components of Quality Score.

Definition of Quality Score:

Quality Score is an important factor in AdWords, it is a measure of the quality of your keywords, landing pages, and ads. If your Ads with higher quality can lead to cheaper prices and better ad positions. The Quality Score is a way of rating the ad relevance, keywords, and the landing pages given by the google. So, it becomes one of the most important aspects that an advertiser looks for. Quality score is helpful to say whether your keyword is eligible to enter the auction or not. Basically, the Quality Score is taken from number 1 to 10.

There are 3 elements that affect the Quality Score

  1. Click Through Rate
  2. Ad Relevance 
  3. Landing Page Relevance 

Quality Score

Google wants the advertisers to make quality websites that are most relevant and useful to the users.

To determine which Ad is shown where Google Introduced AdRank in AdWords: Find the Google Ad rank calculation here

Ad Rank


Now we understand about Google’s definition of Quality Score. The important point here is how can you, the PPC manager, improve it? The below tactics address Bing Ads quality scoring calculations and should improve your Bing Quality Score as well. Although many PPC managers know the importance of Quality Score. Sometimes PPC Managers are not sure to as where should they begin the strategy to optimize it.

Five factors that determine the quality score of the landing page: 

#1. Relevant and Original Content:

The relevance of the content to your keyword is the first thing that you should measure. So, you should always create a landing page that is relevant to your keywords as well as ads. Developing your Landing Page with relevancy and original content is one of the most important things that you should do. Assure that the Landing page content should correlate and matches with your Ads and Keywords. Landing Page should clearly represent the idea that was given in your ads. Also, to make the user click on your ad, your Landing Page should clearly be about the search query of the user.

Landing page relevance

Here the good move is having the exact search query or even the parts and titles of the search query on the landing. Always ensure that there is a clear connection between what the user is looking for and where are you directing them after they click on your ads. The performance of your account gets improved when you send your visitors to a highly relevant landing page and your Quality Score gets increased. It is advised to tailor your content especially the titles and headlines while creating your Landing Pages according to the search queries that your visitors might be using. You also need to be clear about your intentions.

Google also measures the originality of your Landing Pages to compare it with similar advertisers and their offerings.

#2. Landing Page Loading Speed

What was your next move when you visit a website and it took forever to open? Did you wait for the website to open even the page load time is low or did you just bounced off from that site? As per the Google statistics, the majority of the users are in a hurry, they do not have all the time in the world to wait for the website to get opened. They simply bounce off and visit another website. If you keep you make your visitors wait for the landing page to load, they will simply press the back button and go somewhere else.

Page loading speed


When Google understands websites whose loading speed of Landing page is low, it penalizes those websites which further reduces the Quality Score. As the loading speed of the Landing Page is the important factor to get Quality Score, you should keep testing your Landing Page to make sure that they have a pretty reasonable speed. Google also provides you with tools like the Page Insights Tool to evaluate the speed of your Landing Page.

The faster your landing page loads, the higher are the chances of getting conversions.

#3. Refine Your Campaign Structure

The key is to Have a well-designed and executed campaign structure is key. Many times my clients asked me what the ideal campaign structure is, and our collective answer is, you guessed it: “It depends!”

Let the data guide how you structure your keyword sets. By analyzing historical cost and conversion data, you can begin to group like-performing keywords into their appropriate groups.

AdWords Campaign Structure

So, Group your keywords into two general buckets i.e. High purchase intent vs. Research-based keywords — and continue to refine keyword groups from there.

Landing Pages: You can stick to the best ones you’ve got because you may not be able to modify or create landing pages. To understand the landing pages try to use your account data which performs best from both conversions and user management ( bounce rate, time on site) perspective.

So, direct all traffic to your top performing landing pages in terms of site engagement and conversion and put the lowest performing landing pages on the sidelines. Google will see an overall improvement to the landing page experience.

#4 Refine Your Keyword Selection

It is very important to review the actual keywords your bidding on. As mentioned, try to segment your High purchase intent keywords from your Research based keywords. Always be sure to review your negative keyword selection, as this is an all-too-often overlooked element.

Keyword selection

#5. Refine Your Ad Copy

I would say again, let the data tell you what to do here. For example, When you were running multiple ad copy variations per keyword theme. Analyze the data, eliminate the poor-performing variations and add some new variations to test. This exercise will help you that your ad copy is best aligned with our keywords and landing pages.

Ad Copy

Ad testing is a process that will help to improve CTR (click-through rate) over time, which should help improve Quality Score!

SEM is not about driving clicks and traffic to your site, it is about driving right clicks and traffic to your site.


A high-quality score is essential to getting cheaper traffic, but also It should have good keyword targeting and well-structured landing pages. It means we can say most profitable campaigns will also have a good quality score. It might be 3 steps to getting a high-quality score, there’s a lot of work that goes into those 3 steps.

TThis is how you can have a well-built campaign structure which ultimately improves your Quality Score. Over time, we will pay less per click to achieve our ad positions, giving searchers a better experience and capture additional conversions for our client!

Do you have any interesting observations or practices that you have used in your accounts to improve Quality Score? Please share!

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