How Instagram Marketing is Helping Fashion & Beauty Brands on Instagram

You will have to agree if we say that social media campaigns are getting better and better at reaching out to millions of people across the globe. After all, a well organized social campaign can do wonders to a clothing and beauty brand. The another fact you should realize is that it is of no use innovating unless you can get people to see your creation, it’s very important to create a buzz to convert consumer engagement to sales.

Instagram marketing has always been the fashion world’s platform of choice to promote and feature their offerings. As a leading digital marketing agency, we have made it our objective to tap into this giant source network to reach out to the millions of confused buyers who are just waiting for your brand to be introduced to them. And let me tell you approaching market ‘influencers’, hiring professional photographers and managing your accounts yourselves waiting to be discovered is equivalent to you using a toothbrush to paint the 16th chapel.

Today customers are hunting for shopping looks worn by celebrities and usually have a thought of looking better than their arch rivals, and not just that. Ask yourself what do your customers want, the answer is simple something which makes them look elegant and trust me this ages long theory works perfectly even today.

So, how do you get customers to see your brand, how do you beat competition, how will creative ideas pop out of your head everyday and how will you beat competition and achieve your sales targets?, most of our clients who trust us with their social media campaigns chose professional help for one reason, first professional touch is always better and choosing a digital marketing agency allowed them to focus on their core business.

Instagram marketing fashion brands allows us with a host of opportunities and options to target customers and seed the idea in their minds which in turn drives them to opt for your products, remember even mediocre product has done remarkably well in sales with the right “word of mouth”, In our case right “sharing of post”

Well, how do we do it, how do we achieve the targets you need to get to the top and how do you defend your position once you achieve it. This is how we do it.

Understand your business

This perhaps is the most crucial factor in starting a successful Instagram marketing campaign, is to understand all the business possibilities that can be targeted using Instagram, which includes understanding product categories and differentiating products based on popularity, understanding your company’s unique selling point if not suggesting and helping you make one.

Use the right content

The one thing we believe when it comes to Instagram marketing fashion brands is that there’s always a possibility that you might miss out on the latest trends and fresh fashion, we always are on a lookout for the new and trending, and with a fantastic team we have onboard it’s just impossible for you to miss out on what’s happening out in the world, and what this means is that you and your users will always be amazed at a fascinating images curated by our team with the right filters which will sure attract some eyeballs and keep them engaged with your page.

Target the right audience

Now that we understood who you are and what you wanna show the world, it’s time to find who you wanna show your products to, here’s what you need to know to have a better reach, you need to run paid promotion and to not waste money, it’s vital that you choose only the right customers, Instagram analytics allows us to understand customer behaviour, likes and dislikes and in turn we strategize the right formula to target only those audience who will actually make a purchase.

Make campaigns that work for you.

Using tools to analyse and fetch vital data such as using the right hashtags, the right filters on the images, Posting the right images with the right branding at the right time, Aggressive reputation management, containing negative feedback, Choosing the best product reviews and making sure you have a stronghold when compared to your competitors. There is a sure shot success.

Analyze day to day reach

Monitoring the traffic, likes, shares are something we aggressively pursue, understanding and unlocking the efforts of our campaigns is a delights to us, and taking countermeasures during a downfall of traffic(Which has never happened!) is how we handle tough situations, In short, we treat your campaign is our campaign.

Give you reports to better understand the campaign Insights

Keeping you in the loop is a very important aspect of our job, It not only allows us to work as a team but also keeps our clients happy because we believe everyone appreciates transparency.

Beat the competition

Ultimately it’s everyone dream to be the No.1 and we ensure you that we will get you there, and trust me these are not just words, we have very much proven to be the industry’s best in achieving our targets. And we just don’t stop here yet, with our continued services there is a sure shot fact that you will never slip down from your position.

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