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How to Remove Bad Backlinks From Google

Bad backlinks are the Major problem in Search Engine Optimization. Google will punish because getting a low-quality link building is a violation of Google webmaster guidelines. So, we have to remove bad backlinks from google.

In this article, you will be explained on how to identify the bad backlinks and how to tell google not to take bad backlinks.


An importance of Link building:

Link Building is an important part of SEO. When a user types in google search engine the google algorithm sends the signals to decide which page to be shown in the first position of the search engine page result which is based on proper keywords insertion and the way how the website is optimized.

  • In Google’s opinion, Pagerank depends on the number and quality Incoming links of a page.

How google punishes a website:

google punishes

Google have Systems that can recognize among natural backlinks and backlinks that are artificially build for the sole purpose of increasing the PageRank of a website.


  • Buying links from different websites.
  • Participating in link exchange schemes.
  • Guest posting with keyword-rich anchor text links.

To protect the quality of search results google Introduced Penguin Update in 2012.

So when algorithm finds low quality of backlinks then google removes the particular website from Google index or devalues its rankings.i.e, the websites will lose the Rankings and google’s trust.

In the previous, Google used to run the penguin algorithm once every few months but since September 2016, it is integrated as part of the core ranking algorithm.

This means checks related to bad link building practices are real-time.

A website may be penalized at any give time and it can also be realized from a penalty, without having to wait for the Penguin update to run.

The difference between Follow and No-follow:

Follow and No-follow

One more key point of link building is the difference between follow and no-follow links. When google checks the links pointing to a particular website, it checks whether these links have the nofollow tag.

Links that are nofollow, Google instruct do not pass any PageRank value to one website to other.

Particularly, it’s like telling Google not to take those links into account for ranking purposes.

Example links found in the comments section. Those links should be nofollowed because many times they are used by spammers and automated bots.

Note: By default all links are followed. To make a link nofollow we need to add the following directive in the link i.e, rel=”nofollow”

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>This is a nofollow link </a>

Why care about follow and nofollow: when you are going to remove the bad backlinks, we have to take only followed links because No follow links cannot do any harm to your website.

How to find bad backlinks:

There are two Methods to find toxic links pointing to your website.First one is Manually analyzing backlinks and identify bad links. The second way is to make use of a tool.

By manual way:

we have to export the backlinks of the website in excel spreadsheet and manually review each link to decide whether it is a good link or a potentially toxic link. Toxic links will be added to a disavow file and submitted to Google.

By using a tool:

A tool has a number of advantages, for now we are using SEMRUSH.

  • It can automatically check the backlinks and propose which ones are possibly toxic.
  • It can create the disavow file for you.

1.Login to SEMRUSH

  1. Go to Projects from the left menu and click Add New Project

3.Give your project a name, type your domain and click Next.

4.From the Dashboard click SET UP under the Backlink Audit option.

5.Select Root Domain as the campaign scope and click Brand Settings

6.Specify your brand name.

7.Select all the categories your domain is associated with and click Target Countries.

8.As a final step, type the country associated with your target audience and click the Start Backlink Audit button.

How to remove Bad Backlinks:

Once we identify which bad backlinks are to be removed, either using the manual or tool, the next step is to submit a request to Google to remove them.Remove backlinks means, to give instructions to google not to take into account those links.

When we follow Google webmasters guidelines and concentrating on creating a website that provides value to the users and partnering with the best digital marketing company, then you don’t have to worry about removing bad backlinks from Google.

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