Case Study on Targets Air Travelers with Dynamic Remarketing

India’s leading consolidator of travel products,, provides information, pricing, availability, and bookings for domestic and international air travel, hotel bookings, holiday packages and bus and railway reservations. Its mission is to “create happy travelers.” The company realizes this mission, in part, by striving to deliver the very best customer experience possible, which impacts everything the company does including how it uses display advertising.

Saying goodbye to generic messaging

The marketing team at knew they could deliver a better customer experience by moving away from the use of generic messaging in their display ads. Travelers seek value and frequently comparison shop, so the team knew its remarketing ads needed to provide the most relevant flight information to each shopper, including the most recent prices of previously viewed flights.They chose to use Dynamic Remarketing to re-engage prospective air travelers who had not yet converted with relevant ads. In addition, they aimed to increase the conversion volume from their remarketing efforts while also decreasing their cost per acquisition (CPA).

Ushering in relevant messaging easily replaced the generic messaging used in their remarketing ads with messaging relevant to each individual by implementing Dynamic Remarketing. This involved setting up tags on their site, building a feed of all available air travel routes, and producing a custom ad template. In addition, segmented users by recency of visit to the site and by metro versus non-metro origins and destinations since they expected a difference in conversion rates from these signals. After setup was complete, the company built up a conversion history with Dynamic Remarketing and then turned on Conversion Optimizer to automate CPA bidding.

Improving the customer experience, conversion volume and CPA Using Dynamic Remarketing improved the customer experience by re-engaging past visitors with relevant ads for flights, custom-tailored to the intended flight origin and flight destination for each visitor, and inclusive of pricing information. The resulting dynamic ads attracted prospective air travelers back to the site to convert and decreased CPA by 30%. Best of all, Dynamic Remarketing improved conversion volume from remarketing by 300%. Animesh Kumar, Head of Marketing at explained, “Improved efficiency for the campaign has meant that we can now do more with the same budget. This is undoubtedly the clearest way to assess value from any initiative and Dynamic Remarketing has met and exceeded this criteria.”


  • is a leading consolidator of travel products. It provides information, pricing, availability and bookings for domestic and international air travel, hotel bookings, holiday packages and bus and railway reservations.
  • Location: Gurgaon, India


  • Make messages relevant to past website visitors
  • Increase conversion volume
  • Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA)


  • Implemented Dynamic Remarketing to re-engage prospective air travelers with relevant messages
  • Set up tags, a feed of all available air travel routes and a custom ad template
  • Segmented users by recency of visit to the site and by metro versus non-metro origins and destinations
  • Turned on Conversion Optimizer to automate CPA bidding


  • Improved the customer experience
  • Improved conversion volume from remarketing by 300%
  • Decreased CPA by 30%

 Credits: Google [In partnership with Google]

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