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Canonical URL's

Capability to limit cookies when using multiple subdomains. Cookies of a primary domain name are sent to all subdomains: If you're going to have subdomains for other functions, you may wish to identify the sites and possess a web prefix for the regular website. Everything in the Www folder it is directly related to helping the website to the public. This enables for simple root level website organization, eg you may also be in possession of a dev folder and possess a subdomain dev. Your...
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Website Title Tags

You'll find numerous web sites on the web all competing for the interest of users. This makes the design of your web site very important if you wish to stand any possibility of surviving. You can spend large amounts of cash promoting your site, but if the web site design isn't up to scratch then it isn't going to make any difference. Before you look at search engine marketing or other promotional campaigns you must first experiment with the design of your website. All good web site designers...