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You'll find numerous web sites on the web all competing for the interest of users. This makes the design of your web site very important if you wish to stand any possibility of surviving. You can spend large amounts of cash promoting your site, but if the web site design isn't up to scratch then it isn't going to make any difference. Before you look at search engine marketing or other promotional campaigns you must first experiment with the design of your website. All good web site designers must already be aware about the need for good web site design. 

Simple Occasionally simple is better and that is true on the web. It's possible to create spectacular and very advanced sites. These are time intensive and may also take a very long time to load. It's nearly always to stick to simple web site designs. Be cautious if you're ever using popup windows as many people have popup blockers. Simple web sites will load faster and will be indexed by the search engines much faster. Titles every page of your website should be valuable. Every one of those must possess a clear goal at heart and must possess a title. 

The title should contain your key words as this will soon help to get your website indexed in search engines. You will learn about key words which you might want to use with keyword tools such as the one provided by Google. Images Using images on your site is great and will look fantastic. If you include a lot of pictures on your website then this might slow it down and make it take considerably more to load. The same goes for flash. Flash might make sites look professional to many people yet in addition, it causes it to be slow down. 

In addition, it implies that numerous people may need to download additional applications to view your website. If you should use flash then be sure it remains to an absolute minimum, not actually that numerous individuals appreciate flash web sites anyhow. The major problem with flash and pictures is that internet search engine robots can't see what they're. They'll only index a website based on the text content. Set the alternative labels to try and reduce the impact this has on your website. Meta Tags When you are designing web sites it could be tempting to ignore Meta tags along with other information. 

Nevertheless, the Meta description is utilized by search engines and ought to be capable to encourage surfers to visit your website. Ensure you create a distinctive Meta description and place the right one on each page.
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