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Capability to limit cookies when using multiple subdomains. Cookies of a primary domain name are sent to all subdomains: If you're going to have subdomains for other functions, you may wish to identify the sites and possess a web prefix for the regular website. Everything in the Www folder it is directly related to helping the website to the public. This enables for simple root level website organization, eg you may also be in possession of a dev folder and possess a subdomain dev. Your domain Zone file controls where traffic to your domain name is directed and utilizing the non WWW variation of your domain can complicate things. 

People are used to searching for, and seeing, the WWW which is adequate reason behind many to adhere to the tradition. The internet, media, and society are typical better off without it. Clearly, those are rather vague arguments, but if you are somebody who thinks shorter is better, then possibly the non WWW strategy will make you feel better. There are seemingly no Technical advantages to using the non WWW strategy, only that it reduces redundancy and it is not needed.
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