Has LinkedIn organic reach saturated? Leveraging LinkedIn for your brand

Has LinkedIn organic reach saturated? Leveraging LinkedIn for your brand

LinkedIn is the premier platform for professionals worldwide to share their expertise and connect with others in their field. Sharing and creating content on LinkedIn can be part of your organization’s marketing strategy. It is important to follow the best practices to get the most return on the time and effort you spend on this platform. 

Know the Algorithm

The LinkedIn algorithm aims to deliver the most relevant content to the user’s newsfeed to keep the traffic on their website and stop irrelevant or low-quality content from showing on newsfeeds. This can help in creating helpful and relevant content that will encourage interactions between the users. Companies can use LinkedIn as a place to position themselves as a go-to source of information and solutions to their customers, which help them to identify the set of audience whom you want to target—creating a Content marketing strategy around what your target audience would find most valuable and post content to help you reach your company’s goals on the platform.

Engagement Targets

Don’t pursue anything until you’ve developed a roadmap for the content. Before figuring out the right content to post, you need to understand what you want to achieve with your LinkedIn Page. For this, you need to set an engagement goal and then track your progress over time using your Analytics page. This requires an exchange of valuable content. If you want LinkedIn members to engage, you need to add value by providing inspiring, helpful content. By doing this, you can stay hyper-focused on what matters most to your targeted audience. 

Maintaining a Steady Posting Cadence

We believe you gain familiarity, meaningful and consistent engagement by posting on your LinkedIn Page at least once a day. We see the highest engagement when we publish our morning updates and a slight bump during business hours. The audience will be diverse, including the times they consume content. So, experiment and see what suits your company. 

Mix up the content

When you share the content about your brand, include an update from another source and four samples of published content so that the feed is focused on your audience’s needs. You can fuel your feed with new content, but that doesn’t mean you need to create it from scratch every day. Instead, repurpose the blog posts, ebooks, infographics, videos, webinars, and links to events to share your brand story. Also, make sure to re-share your top-performing content so anyone who missed it the first time gets another shot

seeing it.

Respond to Comments

Honour the social part of social media by encouraging your community to interact with you. Ask questions and respond to comments to genuinely engage in a two-way conversation rather than monopolize an interaction to get your message across. As you look at your company’s social media guidelines, search for every opportunity to come across as warm, friendly and personable, while referring to a person by name or adding GIFs or emojis to the comments. It’s the easiest way to connect with the audience.

Take advantage of hashtags

On social media platforms, hashtags help people find content and topics of interest. On LinkedIn, members can click on hashtag links to find similar posts since they are searchable. Using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts helps the audience discover and join relevant conversations and appear in trending conversations. Create a customized feed featuring hashtags in such a way that it targets each LinkedIn Page. You can even mention people in the content or in an update you’re sharing to gain exposure to their network.

Include a Call to Action

Once you’ve caught the audience’s attention, make the most of that opportunity. Whether you are trying to drive leads, revenue or downloads, encourage the audience to do something by including a call to action and don’t overlook the opportunity to customize your calls to action using various options. 

Act on insights

It would be best to drive advocacy and awareness for your brand by engaging them through relevant content and personalized interactions and establishing relationships with them. It’s challenging to drive your business results unless you know what content drives engagement and who you are engaging with. Your Analytics page is built into your LinkedIn Page that displays monthly engagement metrics for all your posts while also showing Reach, Engagement, and Updates separately. As you optimize your updates based on your performance, you should see an uptick in your overall engagement on the go.

Highlights of insights

  • You can see the traffic you are driving to your organization’s web site through your LinkedIn page updates by adding a tracking code to the links in your posts. 
  • You can refine most of the compelling content by analyzing who is engaging with what and offering them more of the same
  • You can measure the level of interaction and each post’s popularity and determine what content to feature next with the help of Content Suggestions, 

Grow your audience

Cater to your business needs, content preferences and audience’s pain points, and you’ll see more engagement through likes, shares, and comments. Over time, this translates into connecting with an increasingly more extensive community of the right people.

With built-in LinkedIn Page Analytics, you can quickly and visually see the professional characteristics of your followers, visitors, their roles, titles, industries, geographies, seniority and more. You can keep the audience engaged by staying up to speed on what interests your audience.

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