Digital Marketing Company

Subsidiary of Ivent IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. / @shootorder

What we do?

  1. Corporate Branding
  2. Brand Enhancement
  3. Advertising & Marketing
  4. Sales/Leads Generation

Whom do we serve?

  1. Healthcare, Fashion & Beauty
  2. Hotels, Restaurants & RealEstate
  3. IT & Education
  4. Retail & Ecommerce
  5. Entertainment
  6. Other Corporates

Healthcare, Fashion & Beauty


Hotels, Restuarants & RealEstate




How we do it?

We use various Digital Marketing Strategies & Methods to get better business for corporates

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Search Engine Positioning (SEO Services)
  3. Managed Email Marketing
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Social Media Marketing

Brand Strategy

The way a brand projects itself to its target audience has a defining impact on its success. Our custom outreach strategies for brands are backed by tons of research and analysis. When these are coupled with innovative execution - it invariably results in very effective branding.

  1. Designing
  2. Web Solutions
  3. Social Setup
  4. Other business solutions


We use the best design practices to create tailor made content for specific users in 2D, 2.5D, 3D and Whiteboard styles. One of our key focus areas is interactive instructional and how-to-use videos, which we have been developing for leading organizations.

corporate design

Web Solutions

Websites and their design and development are specific to the needs that they address. That is why we dive deep to understand what would serve the aim of any website we've set out to make. This helps us deliver sites which are not only visually appealing, but are also great functionally.

We provide various web solutions for Industries like

Information Technology | Real Estate | Health Care | Fashion & Beauty | Education | Hotel & Resorts | Legal | Retail | Entertainment | Recruitment | E-Commerce

  1. CMS & E-commerce Development
  2. Responsive Website
  3. PHP Development

Social Setup

“The future of business is social!”

In order to strive in social media we need to lighten up and take ourselves less seriously. We need to get a sense of humor By publishing content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc... you share your views with a large number of audience and by user engagement you build credibility. To build a great social media following, you have to keep your eye for hot topics and trends. The media is constantly looking for timely stories. We offer you exactly what is required to get you the social media following. We manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts.

Other Business Solutions

Apart from these services we also offer some advance services like

  1. CRM Development
  2. ERP Development
  3. Mobile App Development

Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services

Now that, we have made a brand, we need to make people know about us and find us on search engines easily with respective to our business keywords.

Methods we implement in doing it!

  1. Onpage SEO Services
  2. Offpage SEO Services

Onpage SEO Services

  1. Keywords Optimization
  2. Meta Tags Optimization
  3. Rich Mark-ups
  4. Site Loading Time / Page Speed
  5. SEO friendly Content Optimization
  6. Website Optimization (Bug free, search engine compatible)

Offpage SEO Services

  1. Blog & Social Media Setup
  2. Search Engine Submissions
  3. Directory Submissions
  4. Social Media Bookmarking
  5. Backlink Generation

Managed Email Marketing

“92% of adult internet users use emails as their communication media”

What do we mean by Managed Email Marketing?

  1. Email List Generation
  2. Email Template Designing
  3. Email Campaign Management
  4. Report & Analysis

Email List Generation

Email List Generation

Email Template Designing

Email List Generation

Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign Management

Report & Analysis

Email Report & Analysis

Paid Advertising

“Online advertising is effective, both as direct response and branding strategy”

Advertising your brand, products or services to generate leads/sales or creating a brand presence on world wide web is effective in short time

What all we do?

  1. Search Engine Marketing
  2. Display Advertising / Banner Ads Marketing
  3. Video Advertising
  4. Social Media Advertising

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Display Advertising / Banner Ads Marketing

Display Advertising

Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing

In order to strive in social media we need to lighten up and take ourselves less seriously. We need to get a sense of humor

By publishing content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc... you share your views with a large number of audience and by user engagement you build credibility.

How we are different?

  1. Research & Analysis
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Campaign Monitoring

Research & Analysis

It is important to research about current trend in particular business category for effective marketing

We consider various parameters in achieving the optimum goals

  1. Demography
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Behaviour
  5. Technology
  6. Geography

Social Media Management

Managing the social media networks is all about creativity & innovation

We implement various strategies in producing an interactive social media presence

  1. Content
  2. Creative s
  3. Videos
  4. Fan/Followers building
  5. Interactive time-to-time campaigns
  6. Social Media Advertising

Campaign Monitoring

Any strategy without a report & post analysis is a garbage

  1. Timely Reports
  2. Post Analysis

“Marketing isn't Magic, There is a Science to it!”


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