5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Windows 8



Released in 2001, Windows XP has been around for a long 13 years. However, in today’s era of high-speed computing, XP might not be able to keep up with you and your fast growing business. Here are some areas where Windows 8 can help you that XP cannot.

  • MobilityWith the rise of the mobile workforce, tablets, phones and notebooks are now increasingly popular. Today, users collaborate, access corporate data and contribute to the bottom line across these smart devices. Windows 8 offers workers the ability to work across multiple devices with ease. The OS also helps users choose the best tool for the task at hand. Crucially for the business leadership, Windows 8 is a trusted platform that is both secure and easy to manage.
  • Enhanced Security and ComplianceThe malware landscape today is highly sophisticated, and with support for XP ending in April this year, the advanced security capabilities of Windows 8 is extremely vital in protecting SMBs.Windows 8 features Secured Boot and Windows Defender that can prevent even carefully-hidden malware from compromising your systems. Protection is further enhanced with Internet Explorer SmartScreen and Application Reputation Web services, which help prevent downloads of unknown or malicious software.

    Reduce downtime caused by security issues and increase your productivity when you migrate to Windows 8.

  • Lower Total Cost of OwnershipAvoid paying extra on third-party security applications when Bitlocker, a security app available in Windows 8, can do the same where it protects sensitive data stored on hard drives. What’s more, Windows 8 allows users to track data usage and automatically switch from broadband to Wi-Fi to help businesses closely manage their broadband spend. Every dollar counts and migrating to Windows 8 enables long-term costs savings. You can then maximise your spend on other business-critical areas.
  • Better and easier IT managementIT management is an area considered a time sink. With Windows 8, the sophisticated management tools can relieve IT staffs from these routine, time-consuming tasks and free them for more strategic activities.Windows 8’s System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune unify management and security for PCs and mobile devices in a single infrastructure. A single admin console helps unify device manage¬ment across and wide variety of device types — PCs, tablets and smartphones — without sacrificing either manageability or security.
  • Greater ProductivityWindows 8’s advanced productivity-driven features, for instance, the ability to collaborate on documents seamlessly, and its easy-to-use user interface gives businesses unparalleled productivity gains compared to XP.
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