Google Helpouts Review!

Google Helpout Review

Official Pitch from Google

Get help from an expert over live video


Google Helpouts an online consultancy or collaboration service from Google launched last year i.e. in November, 2013 allows people to get help over a video. The service is for experts so that they can make money or provide free service through the portal. Currently it is allowing only limited people as provider to provide their free/paid help. So if you are a freelancer or a professional company you need to have an invitation code to Sign Up although you can request an invitation directly from Google.

Google Helpout Process how-it-works

Google Advantage

Google is constantly looking to create a single login for all its services and merging them on a single platform but quantitative online services from Google sometime makes it confusing for consumers.

To use Google Helpouts

  1. You must be a profile holder on Google+
  2. You must have an account on “Google Wallet” for transactions.
  3. You must be a consumer of Youtube

Google is intelligently using its other services to create new innovations and Google Helpouts is one of them. This service will further work to make Google databases more bulkier.


Consumer Advantage

This is the best service an internet citizen can have to learn about something or as Google say to get expert help. For consumers who are looking to get experts advice from the field of health, art & music, computer & electronics, cooking, education & career, fashion & beauty, fitness & nutrition, health, home & gardens can use Google Helpouts extensively.


Business Advantage

Google Helpouts can help if you are a freelancer or a professional business looking to make money out of your professional consultancy. But currently the portal is limited to few countries. So you will have to wait for Google to launch it for all the countries.


The latest is Google looking to advertise Google Helpouts and provide the service for the whole internet citizen comunity.

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