Best Domain Registration Companies

The domain name gives the first impression of your company to the potential customer.  Most of the companies register their domain names through their web hosting companies. But this may lead to a lot of trouble in future. In the cut-throat world of business, a competitor may claim that your site contains the same content as in their site. This is enough to put you and your hosting provider in the legal tangle. In case a hacker breaks into your site or sends spam emails using your email address, your hosting provider may decide to discontinue your account.

In case you are thinking of registering your domain or want a domain registrar different from your web hosting company, here is a list of domain registration companies to help you search.

  • Name.com

The ICANN-accreditation makes it the most reliable domain registration firms.  When you access the Name.com the company does not simply offer domain name searches, but also suggests some names that you may get, if you wait for the auction. You may be looking for a domain name that sends the right message about the services and products, and you may find it unavailable.  The Domain Grabber service of Name.com makes it a different domain registrar firm. Under this scheme, once you pay a certain amount, it will grab the domain name, which you are looking for, as soon as it is available.   

  • Namecheap

As the name implies, domain registration is cheap at the Namecheap. Besides the low prices and quick online customer support services, there are many other reasons behind the popularity of the firm. Services like customized domain parking, free forwarding of the URL and emails, free domain transfer are all part of the value-added packages.  If you want to move your domain to your home server, the firm makes it possible through its dynamic DNS  services. Top-level DNS performance and the free one-year privacy protection for your domain are the added facilities that you get with NameCheap.

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a domain registration company that works best for a start-up or a small business. The frequent special offers on domain registration are a reason that makes it popular.     When you hire the company for domain registration, you get a free mini-hosting plan along with it. You get a site limited to five pages, based on the templates of the company’s choice. Blogging tools, a photo album, and an email ID with a storage capacity of 1GB are also part of the mini-hosting plan. If you register five or more private domains with GoDaddy, you do not pay for any of them.

  • 1&1 Internet

At 1&1 domain registration company you can check out the availability of the name you are looking for. Whether you want a .com, .net or a .info with your domain name, the company offers it all. You can check out the pricing for the different registration services and select the one that suits your budget. THe1&1 provides a five-page website to begin with, just like GoDaddy, but here the storage capacity of your email account is just the double of it.  Along with this, you also get a free personal domain registration. Besides the reasonable pricing, you can also avail the free domain transfer services.

  • Cosmotown

If you want a long-term relationship with your service providers, the Cosmotown is the ideal choice. The firm works on fixed prices, and the yearly increment on service charges are reasonable.   The exclusive value-added services that the company offers include prevention of domain transfer unless you log in, and two-factor authentication that gives an added layer of safety to your email account. The privacy protection is free for a lifetime unless you shift your domain registration company. And all this is available at a fraction of the cost that other companies charge.

  • eNom

If you are looking for different domain options, eNom has a lot to offer. Of course, the price of each varies. The company offers all the services for brand creation like a memorable and credible email address, and protection of your online business with their SSL certificates. The excellent customer services that the firm provides will leave you with nothing to complain.

Look For A Firm That Offers Multiple Services

When you are looking for a domain registration company, always ensure that it offers a variety of services in the field. Do not go by what others tell you. Speak to the representatives and ensure that they can give you what you want. The needs of a personal and a company domain name are different. Consider this point also, before selecting your domain registrar.

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