Best Online CRM Companies 

A broad customer base that is ready to buy your products is the necessary ingredient for an organization to survive in the highly competitive financial market. You might acquire many clients, and have a super-efficient sales force to handle them. But to increase the efficiency of the process, you require a plan for CRM, to maximize the profits.  Again your sales persons may not have access to the demand of a client every time. To make all this easy, using an online CRM solution is the best step to take.  With the online tool in place, your team remains in sync, wherever they are.

Many companies offer online CRM solutions. Choosing the one that works for you is a challenge. To make your choice easier here is a list of the companies that provide the best Online CRM services.

Not all companies require the same type of CRM solution. Solutions should be customizable. If you are looking for a customized and industry-focused CRM, the vTiger offers it all. The open source solutions are available for free, and you can install the software yourself. The company also provides some versions that are pre-configured, and you get them at a low /per month/ per user cost.  If you require services for installation, administration, hardware or support, vTiger also has those on offer.   You get features like inventory tracking, project management and billing with the preconfigured version. Besides this, the paid version easily integrates with the Mailchimp, Intuit, Paypal and other useful apps.

Zoho is one of the most popular and favored companies when you want CRM solutions.  The company offers a free version of its software but limits it to the use of 10 persons and 5,000 records.  If you want more users to access it, the first upgrade is available at a reasonable cost and has added features. The software developers have not ignored the fact that the modern business works out of a mobile device. The Zoho software has a mobile app, and you can also link up with the social sites through it. The flexible features of the software offer ease of usage. The compatibility of the software with the WordPress, the locator function and the feature of auto phone logging, make it an ideal business tool.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM creates software to manage your sales, services, marketing and customer relations.  The software helps you personalize every customer experience. You can contact the client at the right time and place.  You can expect an improvement in your marketing and sales, besides improving customer experience.  The availability of the Microsoft CRM in the cloud, at the premises or a combination of both, ensures that your personnel does not lose any business opportunity. Automating business processes of marketing, sales and customer service using this software, helps in the reduction of cost and enhances the profitability of your venture. is a CRM company that creates business applications that work on the cloud. The cloud-based applications can handle a lot of information and make it available to you wherever you want. You can track all information and interactions of your customers, which helps you to move the deal faster.  With the software, all the information is available in one place. This makes it easy for you to prioritise and decide the next step from the most recent information. You can keep a track of all the leads that you get, when you have the Salesforce CRM with you, and pass it on to the sales representative at the right time. The cloud-based apps are available to handle marketing, customer services, and also deliver business apps that help you build your business faster.

For small businesses, the Really Simple Systems is the best CRM to look for.  The free two-user CRM system can manage 100 accounts, along with unlimited contacts linked to those accounts. The system also offers 100 MB storage and free customer support, in case you have any issues.  When your business grows, you can upgrade your version of CRM, available at a flexible rate. The prices go down further if you choose to forego some of the features. This CRM is simple but offers limited functionality that is best for a small business.

Select the Most Suitable Company 

A host of affordable CRM options are available, but all do not work for every kind of business. Some research into the features of a selected few will tell you which one is the most suitable for your business. When a free version is not offering you all that you require, choosing to pay a small amount for paid and customizable version, makes good business sense.

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