5 Best Web Analytics Tools – Make Your Site Better

Potential customers are one of the most crucial requisites for business owners. Therefore, every passionate entrepreneur finds it imperative to ensure unsurpassed satisfaction for them. Having an idea of the behavioral patterns of website visitors will be critical to offering them unparalleled support and assistance. It is here that profound analytics comes to play. And as websites mirror your business persona, performing website analytics will prove to be the best thing to do, in this context. The following article sheds light on the top 5 web analytics tools capable of tracking customer behavior and experience.

Importance of web analytics

Before diving deep into the discussion of these tools, let us take a look at the significance of web analytics. Web analytics tools help you gain profound information of your visitors’ choice and preference patterns. Apart from that, web analytics plays the key role in tracking the source of customer engagement. To put it in simple words, you will get to know where your visitors come from, whether they check your updates, or whether they visit your Facebook links.

With such benefits, the best website analysis tools render useful assistance in improving your web performance alongside aiding in website SEO audit projects. With this brief overview, let us advance towards understanding the unique features of the best web analytics tools.

#1. Google Analytics  

Most of the digital marketers and online entrepreneurs rely on Google Analytics when it comes to performing extensive website analysis. Although the presence of innumerable features makes it a bit complicated for first-timers, operations become easier after the initial encounters. With the help of this platform, website owners develop an idea on customer’s age, gender, first language, geographical location; website bounce rates as well as the visiting patterns of potential consumers.
Quite inevitably, the tool offers a comprehensive analytics experience to website owners and marketers alike.

#2. Adobe Analytics  

If you wish to gather intense and in-depth analysis on your web performance, Adobe Analytics will prove to be a highly beneficial choice. With cross-channel attribution features, predictive intelligence, as well as 360-degree consumer analysis, this particular website analysis tool, offers a deep insight into your website’s performance. As the most desired consequence, you get ample time to respond and observe customer behavior in real-time.

#3. Crazy Egg

By offering visual images of your website clicks, Crazy Egg ensures a great experience for website marketers. With the help of this particular analytics tool, you get to see the most-clicked areas of your web page. Quite naturally, that proves to be of great help while devising strategies for ad promotion.
You will develop an idea about the most popular pages on your website, thus targeting significant advertising campaigns.

#4. Mouseflow  

Those wishing to have a bird’s eye view of customer behavior must try out Mouseflow. The tool works as a surveillance camera offering you real-time insights into your visitors’ actions. What you get with this particular tool is a profound idea on your customer movements. The tool features an amazing mouse pointer, which keeps you informed about your customer actions.

#5. Qualaroo  

Market surveys have always been effective tools for evaluating the reach and popularity of a particular product. And it is no exception in case of website performance. Nothing can get better than receiving customer feedback and taking effective decisions based on them. And that is what you get to do with Qualaroo.
By allowing the insertion of survey questions, Qualaroo imparts a personal touch to customer engagement. The constant sharing of views and ideas promotes a feeling of active participation between website owners and consumers.


Since your business marketing and operational efforts will remain futile without proper analysis, these highly functional website analysis tools will prove to prime requisites for web performance improvement.

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