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SEMPO Publishes A Growth Of 16% Over 2013 In Average Search Salary

SEMPO-Results-Search-Marketer-Salary Survey

According to SEMPO’s  an idea of the effects of the recent  survey may be gathered from the fact that the average pay for search and digital marketing professionals is risen to an all time high of 16 percent.

In another recent poll the nonprofit organization for SEO and SME specialists tallied a count of roughly 600 search and digital marketing professionals transversely right from entry level to executives. The survey conducted an array of work related and salary topics in conjunction with  compensation packages, bonuses and perks. Professional responsibilities and search marketing budget sizes were also largely discussed.

Other decisive conclusions espied through this survey was a growth in SEM remuneration  and also the nobility of the search experts was on the rise. On the contrary, the percentage of the number of entry level practitioners is on the decline.

When asked about this ninety four percent of the respondents agreed to analytics being the most vital part in their search  tasking was and around 10 percent postulated to manage 50 or more accounts and website.

Ninety-four percent of respondents said analytics were a key part of their search duties, and more than 10 percent of respondents lay claim to managing  50 or more accounts or websites.

The biggest fringe benefit of working in this sector is being able to work remotely without pressure is the most discussed perk.

Marc Engelsman, SEMPO’s vice president of research spoke in favour of the survey after regarding it as an enrichment to the group’s annual state of search survey.

“It provides valuable perspective from a variety of angles on the people who work in our industry and the types of companies they work for,” said Engleman in a release announcing the survey results.

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