5 Best Website Speed Testing Tools Online

Followers and visitors will never wish to visit a site with miserable loading speed. If your website is incapable of offering that unsurpassed experience during navigation, you will inevitably lose out on potential customers. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your website offers optimum loading speed to users. And performing speed tests will prove to be the best thing to do, in this context. With the emergence and availability of some of the amazing website speed testing tools, you will have the perfect opportunity to check website speed.

Why do you need a swift loading time?

Speed happens to be a crucial element for websites, and hence requires special attention from site managers. A fast-loading website not only ensures an unsurpassed User Experience but also affects your website’s overall performance in a positive manner. With a fast-loading website, you will be eligible for great user engagement, top SEO rankings, and huge conversion rates.

The website speed optimization process encompasses quite a few aspects. From accessibility configurations, network to onsite optimization, there is a plethora of crucial tasks worth performing in this regard. However, website owners need to be judicious and run tests to develop an idea on their website speed.

Breeze through the following article and get knowledgeable about the top 5 website speed testing tools capable of improving your site’s performance.

#1. Google PageSpeed Insights

With Google’s innovative solutions, website owners are always at the beneficial end. The latest tech tool offered by them is Google PageSpeed Insights. As a popular website speed checker, this particular tool helps in the identification of both desktop and mobile site speeds. By fetching the site URL from mobile as well as desktop agents respectively, the tool offers site ranks on a scale of 1 to 100.

The more you score on this scale; the better is your site’s performance. The derived relationship is directly proportional in this context. With PageSpeed Insights, website owners will receive balanced overview of site performance, thus taking correct decisions for improving website performance.

#2. Locate browsers with WebPagetest

Another important inclusion in this list is WebPagetest, which offers complete liberty in the choice of location and browsers. With the help of this particular tool, users across the world will develop an idea on their specific website load-times.

#3. Enhance website speed with PageScoring

Another website speed testing tool offering loads of convenience to site owners is PageScoring. By entering a specific domain, you will get a crystal picture of its loading time. The tool will offer comprehensive displays of your website contents’ actual loading speed. Additionally, this particular tool provides reports on various transmittal processes including redirection time, domain lookup, download time etc.

What separates this particular tool from the rest of its contemporaries is its real-time performance evaluation. Webmasters will receive individual sets of data.

#4. Get site-loading archives with GTMetrix

If extensive detailing and a historical account of your site-loading speed are all that you wish for, GTMetrix will prove to be the most revered choice. With video playback integration and diverse reporting features, this website speed test tool offers accurate reports on your website performance speed.

#5. Monitor website speed with Pingdom

Those wishing to perform proper website speed test have a great option awaiting their attention. By offering visual depictions of the loading time required for every single site element, Pingdom offers a pristine clear picture of your website’s speed performance.

The tool features a Page Analysis tab, which happens to be instrumental in offering in-depth analysis of website speed as well as its overall health. With Pingdom, website owners will have the perfect opportunity for monitoring website speed, even from a distant location.

Final thoughts

Your choice of web analytics tool will depend on your website requirements and several other variables. However, each of these software tools is treasure troves of unique website speed testing features.

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