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5 Types Of Content Writing Format Liked By Readers

5 Types Of Content Writing Format LIked By Readers

When I first heard ‘We are the Readers’ the catchy TVC from kindle invoked a very deep meaning, In the very first moment I saw it during a youtube AD and then I realized no matter how many forms of information or entertainment channels we create, we will always read, and that’s the basic instinct or to put in simple words reading is a part of our very human nature. In a fantastic article about the power of content writing, I once read the phrase “Content is the king” and understood the importance of creating content that is goal-driven at the same time be catchy enough to attract your target audience and be capable of implanting your idea or convert them if you are advertising something. In simple terms what you create should be driven by what you want to achieve and a trust me to be a true wordsmith you will have to bend the letters over and over again to achieve your goals. Let us now explore the types of content marketing formats to make your readers fall in love with your words.

  1. Entertain your readers

Content marketing efforts tend to focus on educating and helping their readers on a particular subject matter, and while this is a great type of content marketing, it can also be a missed opportunity to interact with readers and connect to them on a very basic human-to-human level. Content that usually engages is often funny and attracts high shareability, This can be crucial in building trust and separating the true fans from the random visitors. content marketing formats which have been created to entertain might not be directly related to your products/services, however, in order to do its job of reaching the target audience, it does need to appeal to your peers.

  1. Educate your readers

Marketing Content that’s created specifically to educate usually achieves the same goals as content to entertain, but is often considered a next step in showing readers and potential users why your website or product is worth considering. While types of content marketing formats to entertain appeals to a reader’s emotions, content to educate appeals to their need to grasp knowledge. Content to educate is what we go for here at Buffer with posts such as the one that you’re reading. Again, shareability is the whole reason as to why a content that’s meant to educate is written in the first place.

  1. Inspire your readers

This is the most difficult objective to achieve however It is very much possible indeed, but if you can somehow pull this off there’s nothing in content writing comparable to inspiring your readers when something you publish resonates with so many people so quickly and you notice that they can’t help but pass it on. Inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be quoted on a picture. usually, the best kind of inspiration comes in the form of case studies, customer testimonials and stories of failures and challenges from mostly successful people who had faced along the way.

  1. Use of visual content

The type of content marketing that has statistically been proven to get consistent and repeat users are content that has been peppered with visual content. They can be either an image, gif, slideshow or even a video. Visual content especially content custom designed for your article is very effective. Many content creators give lesser priority to visual content as they do very little to influence search engine indexing of their content, but as search engines have got smarter. They do value the presence and quality of visual content in search engine indexing.   

  1. Convert your readers

Now this is the more important aspect of content writing, that is converting your readers, because come on that’s the whole idea of content marketing, content marketing formats should be so engaging and true to itself that when people read it they get motivated to sign up or purchase your product, writing reviews, blog commenting, product comparisons with the help of charts, graphs and infographics can help you do that.

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