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The 7 Most Popular Topics To Blog On Any Day!

The 7 most popular topics to Blog on any day!

Blogging is not merely a hobby nowadays, especially, with the emergence of Content/Internet Marketing over the past 6 years in India. So, the world over is taking to Blogging almost as easily as they take on to chatting, browsing, social media posting, sharing, etc. whether they do it for personal gratification or professional satisfaction. However, many bloggers when faced with a dilemma on what topic they need to pick out for writing, they almost go nuts as though many writers and bloggers feel they run out of any interesting topics to write about unless they specifically work for some client or a project that demands professional writing skills.

Writers and bloggers have enormous creative freedom for them to write on just about anything under the sun as long as it inspires and enables them to express their views freely, without any constraints. Nonetheless, bloggers can heave a sigh of relief as they can easily choose from among these top seven most-read and evergreen content writing topics on any given day they feel the urge to blog without bothering if their blog fetches them enough audience or not.

Here are those 7 most handpicked topics by the editors and writers that they vouch will never go out of taste for the readers worldwide as the demand for news, articles, blogs, and the information on these subjects will never go down, not easily. Just glance through these seven most revered topics that is a writer’s pleasure to a treasure trove of gains –

1. Weight Reduction

A lot has been already written on this and no matter how many times we take that famous advice on ‘How to lose your weight fast?’ or ‘Lose your fat in x,y days’, it doesn’t seem enough for many a growing teenager or adult especially those who are going through their early youthhood in life with only one big problem in their head that is not about getting a job or getting a suitor for marriage but simply ‘weight loss’. It’s such a huge problem for the pizza/burger generation who want to add all that pizzazz to their style quotient for which losing weight is the prime task of all in their to-do list. People who regularly surf the net constantly browse about the various weight loss programs and tips that will allow them to fast lose those quick fats quite naturally.

2. Cooking

Writing a cooking blog is easier than dishing out one as with cooking perhaps has more sites and blogs dedicated to it than even weight loss modules. Leave alone the huge demand for cookery shows in many satellite channels and special on-demand services, there are also e-cookbooks and e-guides to their avail that make housewives take to cooking those exotic dishes they never thought of. Whether you want to have a unique cookery blog replete with new and unique dishes that the world have not heard of or a popular recipe blog that everyone likes reading again and again, there are umpteen choices for anyone to blog on cooking recipes that can be all about embracing food which is healthy, tasty, low fat, and intercontinental to salivate.

3. Beauty

Beauty tips for young women is one such topic that will never fade out of trending topics list. Skin care, in particular, is more stressed about among beauty advice with an array of allied topics like tips or natural remedies for a glowing skin, the best time-honoured practices for conserving good skin, inventing new methods to rediscover radiant skin, and many more associated beauty tips. One can also write about celebrity skin care cum beauty secrets and their regime, reversing ageing skin through up-to-date latest beauty products, and a whole gamut of other things. As a matter of fact, one can effortlessly write a gazillion number of topics under this Beauty section the more if one mulls over that as it can also include beauty tips for males as well.

4. Fashion

Fashion adds more zing to a beautiful persona and hence cannot be assorted alongside beauty tips but deserves its own shelf as an exclusive popular topic to blog. The fashion fad is always evergreen and can never go out of vogue in a blog writer’s repertoire. This topic can be further classified into endless subcategories to your liking like clothes, shoes, fashion jewellery, accessories and much more of visually stunning and interesting topics that can attract more visitors to your site.

5. Technology

The more we progress into an age of Aquarius civilization, the more technology is keeping us abreast with the latest inventions of gadgets and advancement of science. Technology is an ever-evolving field with gazillions of gadgets to blog about. One can easily start writing on any of the gadgets and the underlying science behind it as well as its features, usage trends, reviews and so on. There is a profusion of divisions and subdivisions under this one category of technology alone (leaving out science) as there are a lot of developments to write about right from gadgets, appliances, and accessories to the most updated news on the latest advancements and developments in technology that keeps coming from all over the world. Cell phones and cameras are two technological wonders that have always had a huge market with new models and trends that continuously flood the business and make for a major chunk of it. Users of these gadgetry always bet on online sources of information rather offline and quite many of them even regularly purchase it on the internet.

6. Online Money making

By partaking in get-quick-rich scheme or scam, we like to make some easy money online, hook or crook. People worldwide are quite attracted to the Internet not only for shopping reasons but also to make usually extra money in a multitude of ways. Whether it is a freelancer, even a part-time or full-time job holder, homemaker, student, or a retired person, people simply want to make money for all kinds of reasons either out of need or for some extra cash. The number of people who depend on the internet to make money for a livelihood is also growing in contrast to the customary 9 to 5 job culture. Writing about the opportunities in Online money making and promoting it has great readership value as such it is a hotspot of commerce for a great number of people who just want to make some extra cash with some extra fun.

7. Social Media

Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and the likes have flooded the cyberspace big-time and got more than half of the world’s population hooked on to them for a wide variety of interactions, be it social, personal, or professional. Social media sites have become a one-stop shop for all types of activities aforementioned besides promotional, marketing, and advertising activities as well. Millions of people globally visit these sites and hence promoting your content on one or all of these platforms will be an added asset and a great boost-up to your writing skill. With these social media sites having more shelf life than many of the popular sites, this could be one more ‘hot topic’ to write on that can have many an eyeball glued to them.

These top 7 hot topics are more than enough stuff for content writers to blog non-stop but there are even other widely read bloggable topics not aforementioned like fitness & nutrition to travel & real estate and personal development or new-age spirituality which are also quite relevant and useful topics for the current crop of Y generation audience.

On last word, content writing/blogging, even though can be written out of one’s passion for expressing in words, it must be kept in mind that what we write could be read by thousands and millions of people and accordingly we should blog on those topics that stimulate and fascinate our audience and keep them engrossed till the last word so they end up reading our blogs repeatedly and bring to others notice as well.

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