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Adwords for non-profits Google Grants

This blog post informs about an opportunity for non profit organizations (NPO’s) or (NGO’s)  working for social welfare to promote social cause, society welfare, housing & shelter, community services etc… Before getting into defining Google Adwords for Nonprofits, its benefits & advantages, I assume readers to be well informed about Google Adwords. If you are not well educated about Google Adwords get in touch with some Google authorised agencies which are mentioned at the very bottom of this post.

Benefits & Advantages

Benefits & advantages to take from this program initiated by Google for non profit organizations:

  1. 10,000 USD/m.o Google Adwords credits to promote the mission of your NGO
  2. Get donations, sell charitable products, promote a social event, get volunteers etc… without spending a single penny on advertisement
  3. Promote cause of NGO and spread your mission to masses

I suppose for readers who are already using Google Adwords for businesses, they can sense a huge opportunity. Continue reading to know more about program, eligibility criteria, do’s & don’ts while applying and my personal review.

What is Google Grants for Nonprofits (NGO’s)

Google Inc., being the biggest player on world wide web offers special programs for non-profit organizations to help promote noble causes. Here in this program Google offers 10,000 USD per month of free advertising. This program is bounded with some eligibility criteria’s which are mentioned in the following section.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Geographic location (currently Google Grants is available in following countries)
  2. Active website (Approval in only valid for one website)
  3. Legally registered NGO/NPO with Charitable status in registered country (Scan copy of proof)
  4. Google Adwords account with following configuration

Account currency set as USD

Atleast one campaign, one ad group, one keyword & one ad in eligible/approved state (read more for detailed information)

Make sure keywords & ads are not meant for any commercial activity

Account without billing information

If you can fulfill the following criteria’s, you are ready to apply for Google Grants.

How to Apply

Click on following link to apply for Google Grants


Do’s & Don’ts


Do’s Don’ts
Promote the noble cause of your NGO Forge the proofs
Sell charitable products Fake application
Encourage donations Encourage commercial/business activity
Fair use/practice Personal benefit
Maintain Eligibility Sit & watch try making atleast one change in a month

Approval Process

Google is actively promoting this program, so you can expect a quick reply from Google.

Application confirmation email

After the application you will receive an email confirming that the application is submitted and is under review.

If (everything is perfect)


Congratulation E-Mail

If everything is in order as described in policies, you will receive a congratulation email within a very short span of time.


elseif (provided proofs are valid & problem with Adwords account)


Modification E-Mail

If there is any problem with your Google Adwords account then you will receive an email explaining the procedure to correct the problem. If you receive this email then you should not be disappointed rather be happy that your NGO got approved and you just have to make few modification & reapply. Get in touch with Google representatives for further clarifications, the contact information will be provided by Google in follow up email.

Sometimes it takes several attempts to modify the Adwords account. So, keep calm and follow the mentioned procedure.




Rejection Confirmation

If the proofs are not provided correctly or the information is not accurate then you can expect a rejection but never to lose heart, get the information correct and proofs intact and reapply when you are ready.


After the approval

Once you are approved it doesn’t mean you can try any unrestricted activity as your account is under regular watch by Google Adwords Team. To avoid termination/suspension follow the rules and regulations, follow the link and read “Maintain Eligibility”.

Personal Review

I have personally got a Google Grants approved NGO and it is a great services to people who are looking to serve humanity. But 10,000 USD per month is little exaggerated as there is relatively a less number of impression on keywords representing social cause. And cost per click is quiet high when compared to business keywords, so if you are receiving 200 clicks for $100 spend for business keywords you will receive 50 clicks for $100 spend in the case of non-profits.

Anyway, you are still in benefits in promoting a noble cause if you are using it effectively.

Agencies working to manage your Adwords Account

ShootOrder | Digital Marketing Agency feels immensely opportunist when it comes to serve humanity, so visit https://www.shootorder.com/contact-us/ to get enrolled

Also, you can find a list of agencies provided by Google when you are successfully approved in Google Grants Program.

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