How Twitter changed the political campaigns in 2014?

Narendra Modi Social media campaign

Inspired from U.S. president Obama’s digitally driven victory in the 2008 presidential election, Narendra Modi’s political campaign on social media brought tasty fruits in his basket. Politicians nationwide have been signing on to social media accounts in order to increase their following but how did Narendra Modi’s social influence outdrawn the campaigns of other politicians.

Below are 4 social strategies about how Narendra Modi managed to create a strong social influence.

1. Selfies on Twitter

Selfie Narendra Modi 0

Twitter proved to be very effective for Narendra Modi in connecting to the youth of India. Taking selfies in front of masses and with youth icons increased his popularity in the youth.

“Twitter has become a hub for voters to see real-time reactions, candid responses, and instantly check facts and statistics referenced in debates and speeches. It demands transparency from the candidates, knowing that their arguments can be verified in the blink of an eye.”

Selfie Narendra Modi

Regularly appearing on twitter trending topics made his every move count.

2. Image Speaks Louder Than Words, There was opportunity to speak on Twitter

3. Video Appealing


Realtime micro-video sharing has become an effective tool for a quick but specific appeal.

4. Instant Reactions

Political Attack on Opposition

Criticizing the partiality

Keeping a close eye on happening around the nation

Marketing every single activity

Narendra Modi won and he mentioned that the social media is the place where he connect to young minds. He connects to the people who can understand his imagination.

What could be a bigger deal than doing something big than being a president of the country which has more 125 Crore people to listen and make a decision. Possibilities are infinite with social media. People are ready to listen. You can use social media as a boosting tool.

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