On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO

on page seo vs off page seo

Common Definition:

On Page SEO: On page SEO includes search engine optimization to be done on a web page or a complete website only.

Off Page SEO: Off page SEO includes search engine optimization to be done elsewhere like back-linking etc…

Importance Factor:

Website is not fully search engine optimized unless and until both the techniques are implemented. Still On Page SEO is much more essential than Off Page SEO. Biggest reasons are the search engine crawlers, if your website is not search engine compatible it is highly unlikely to see your website on search results. So an On Page SEO optimized website will still perform well on search engines.

Do’s & Don’ts while optimizing the page for better SEO rankings



Placement of researched and analysed keywords Avoid Duplicate Content
Relevant Meta Tags Avoid Keyword repetition
H1, Alt Tags Avoid doorway, mirror pages
SEO friendly URL’s Avoid Cloaking
Content focused to generate optimum keyword density Avoid duplicate title, description tags
Inclusion of Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml etc.
User Interface / Device, browser compatible


Off Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO is well understood when we take an example from our day to day life.

Ex. I am looking to purchase a mobile phone. I see a TV advertisement of Samsung S4 then I asked my friend to suggest me a phone she pointed me to S4 and finally when I was on my way to mobile store I saw a big hording of Samsung S4.  This made m mind to go for Samsung S4.

Its the same way internet works the sites which are referred by more number of websites are ranked first in search engines algorithm. Hence the more the website talks about you the more is your search ranking and the more is traffic to your website. So the basic methods to promote your website are-

  1. Social Media Bookmarking
  2. Article Posting
  3. Directory Listing
  4. Link Posting
  5. Press releases
  6. Rss/feed reach

In today’s world social media is influencing most of the search engines so a better social presence will definitely produce better results.

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