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Importance of Landing Page in Digital Marketing


Today, I am writing this blog post to explain the importance of Landing Page in digital marketing (or) online marketing (or) internet marketing, whatever you like to name it. Before I get on to explain it more technically, I would like to give a brief definition of landing page and how it has come in existence.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is a web page on which an internet citizen lands through various sources paid and non-paid. It can be a site home page, a blog post, an about us page or a contact us page. These are designed differently for different businesses but an effective landing page is one which can make you money, oh!  did I mention money? No, an effective landing  page is one which can fulfill your requirement or objective.  The objective can be monetary or for a cause.

As I have already mentioned a landing page design varies for various businesses and cause.

For example:

  1. Landing page for an e-commerce website

landing page ecommerce


  1. Another Landing page for another e-commerce website


Similarly for a video portal a page with most trending videos can be a landing page and for an NGO a donation page can serve as a landing page.


Landing Page for Businesses or Commercial landing page

Here we can differentiate the landing pages in three categories organic, non-organic & other paid marketing methods depending upon the traffic landing on landing page.

landing page flow shootorder

Organic Search Traffic : The traffic landing on your landing page from organic searches on search engines like Google, Bing etc…

Non-organic Search Traffic : The traffic landing on your landing page from search engine advertisements or search engine marketing.

Other Paid Marketing Methods : Other online paid marketing methods include social media marketing, email marketing affiliate marketing etc…

So, now as we know the source of traffic we are about to have on our landing page we should also classify which landing page should suit which traffic base. Hence we can classify landing pages as in various types like:

  • Revenue
  1. Buy Tickets
  2. Register Online
  3. Reservations
  4. Buy/Purchase
  5. Make Payment
  6. Become Partner
  7. Arrange a meet
  • Acquisition
  1. Create an account
  2. Upload content
  3. Submit information
  • Inquiry
  1. View More
  2. Contact Us
  3. Call Us
  4. Get estimate
  5. Find location
  6. See availability
  • Engagement
  1. Media Play
  2. Slide presentation
  3. Gallery view
  • A key Page

Above listed are the various major landing page categories and sub categories. Here you can sense which one suits you and your business the best. Now that you have decided what kind of landing page would help your purpose and can get business for you, we have some design parameters which makes a landing page an effective landing page.

Design Parameters for Designing Landing Page

  1. Limited and few input fields to fill in [A buy now button for e-commerce websites, an email input field for newsletter subscription etc…]
  2. Define the benefits in bullet points or using your creativity skills but in short and attractive manner
  3. Short client testimonials or clients logo to show the experience and brand image
  4. Offer something for free in exchange of action
  5. Put some verified holograms or symbols to gain more trust and credibility

These are the few points if implemented perfectly will return you the best results. Apart from this the design of landing page can vary depending on the purpose but the best productive is the one which does not allow the visitor to exit the page without performing the action and doing so do not adopt any kind of spamming activities because these activities do not serve you the purpose rather frustrate the visitor.

So, keep designing healthy, attractive, creative & innovative landing pages, drive traffic and get business. If you need professional help in doing it you can contact ShootOrder the best digital marketing agency.

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