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How to get indexed for a featured snippet?

How to index featured snippet

In the race to get on the first page of Google, a major Search Engine Results Page appropriate stands out as the most useful and most relevant available: Featured Snippets.

The bits of text at the top of many informative searches in Google featured snippets can drive a significant attention toward your website and can be an invaluable weapon for advertisers.

How can you create content that has the possibility of ranking in featured snippets?

While many advertisers assume featured snippets are the field of SEO masters or brands with million-dollar advertising budgets, that isn’t true at all.

In fact, it’s easy to rank for featured snippets with organic content. You just need to know how.

Featured Snippet

What are featured snippets?

How to improve adwords quality score

Featured snippets are the informative content that displays in Google’s Search Engine Results Page immediately after the Google ads and sponsored related posts (if available). This search for “how to improve quality score AdWords” features a snippet.

If there had been sponsored related ads around this search term, they would display above the snippet, which would rank as the top organic result. Google display what it considers high-quality content in this space because it’s emphasizes on fulfilling user intent.

Google’s featured snippets could suggest even more important for your site than a standard position one listing. This is why it is frequently referred to as ‘ranking in position zero’.

There are three types of snippets, depending on the query:




5 Amazing tips to create google featured snippets

5 Amazing Tips Featured Snippet

The high standard news is that, as a form of google organic content, the Google featured snippet box is accessible to everyone who could know how to optimize their content appropriately. Yet, it’s tough news that you have to work hard to achieve it.

How do you make your content good enough? What makes content shows up in the featured box? What optimization techniques to be followed? If you couldn’t buy the space, how do you take aggressive steps to ensure that your page archives the top position?

Google’s featured snippets are territory for all marketers, no matter budget or SEO mastery.

Here are a few significant steps I’ve used to create content that would rank in the snippets.

1.Generate content especially to answer questions. Provide in-depth answers.

Question to answer

Google Featured snippets are informative in nature. According to Neil Patel, “If your content doesn’t answer questions or queries, it won’t get into the featured snippet. That’s all there is to it.”

Google’s algorithms search through multiple websites to find the relevant content that will best answer a user’s questions or queries. When the google crawlers find it, they show the content in the form of a google featured snippet, which would make it easier for people to locate the information they’re looking for.

With this in mind, you need to analyze which questions or queries your audience is querying, and how you could tailor your content to answer those questions or queries appropriately.

If your content doesn’t answer questions, it won’t get into the featured snippet. – Neilpatel

2. Know the queries/questions your audience is asking.


According to a Search Engine Journal, 80% of searches using a question result in a featured snippet on the first Search Engine Results Page. Typically, these queries/keywords fall into the following categories:




Questions show a 480% increase in the percentage of keywords with featured snippets

With these key categories in mind, it’s time to reckon about how they might apply to your users and, more significantly, how you could tailor your content to match these question formats.

For example, instead of targeting the general keyword “business listings,” consider extending the keyword to the long-tail “how to verify my business listings.” While the first query is too narrow, the second mimics a query/question one of your readers would likely type into Google. As such, the content that comes after is more likely to earn a place in the featured snippets box.

One easy way to figure out these types of searches is to go to the Google search box and type a query your target audience members would enter. You could see some of the ideas pop up. Any one of those can be outstanding topics for your content that’s would more likely to rank in the snippets.

3. Generate high-quality content.

High Quality Content

The predominant thing you need to perceive about featured snippets is that they do not bypass Google’s composite ranking system.

They are among the topic google organic results for questions. Because of this, it’s critical to keep all the quality ranking requirements in mind as you generate featured content.

This means your content needs to check these points:

Truly High quality


Interesting (to engage the reader)


It’s critical to ensure that your content remains of truly high quality and related to your users.

This intensifies its chances of landing in a google featured snippet and becoming handy to a wider base of readers. Don’t cut corners: Your content must be truly high-quality and user-oriented to win in Google.

4. Keep effort to provide the best answer.

Provide question to answers

You’re not going to land a Google featured place unless you’re the best at the answer to a given question.

With this in mind, take a walk in your readers’ shoes. They would expect answers that produce detailed information and include applicable keywords and phrases.

You can’t manage to skim the surface with your google featured snippet content. Work on by hitting these three cores:

Dive deep and go in-depth with your content which covers every query that could come up on the topic.

Break down each step in the answer and use visual content to back it up, from images, videos to screenshots and infographics.

Remember to ensure your content to suit beginners in your niche(Industry).

By analyzing your opposition, you can ensure that your content goes the extent and ranks well in featured snippets across the internet. What’s more, readers who could find your content via a featured snippet will likely return to your website again and again now that they see you as an authority in your industry.

5. Use question-and-answer web pages.

Question and answer page

Question-and-Answer pages on your site can be an excellent way to provide more value to your users, consolidate questions, and increase your possibility of making it into a featured snippet. Because these areas already address user queries in virtually the same wording searchers would use, they’re ripe to be harvest up as featured snippets, and can seriously boost your possibility of getting on the first page first position.

For the best results, be sure your Question & Answer web page features all relevant questions, and each is well-structured with a complete answer.

If you’re structuring your Question & Answer web page correctly, it should help all your readers find easy, complete answers to their queries. Resist the advice to be long-winded or to make your answers so small they don’t provide much value.

Featured Snippet HubExample:

Featured Snippet Hub

This URL Earned 96 Featured Snippets

High User Engagement: 750 social media shares

Mobile Friendly: 99/100

HTTPS Adoption: Yes

Media Usage: 12 health-related images

Word Count: 2,100 words

Clear Headers: 12 h1–h6 tags

Succinct Content: Average paragraph length is 42 words

Uses Lists: 7 ordered or unordered lists

Cite Facts: 48 external fact citations


As Google emphasis on user intent and user experience, featured snippets will steady to gain significance. Relevant, suitable, helpful, and reachable on virtually every platform, featured snippets are the answer to many of the content issues of today. What’s more, they stand to shift and change appropriately as the internet adapts in the coming years.

By understanding what you could do to generate content that’s ready for the featured-snippets box, you could boost your internet engagement and make it easier for users everywhere to find and interact with your website. And by contributing ready-to-consume, in-depth content, you can brand yourself as a go-to influence in a crammed digital territory.

Now you know the exact lengths you should use for each type of featured snippet. You also have better insights into feature snippet hubs and why Google trusts their content.

Use above guide to re-optimize your old content that would rank in the top 10.

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