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Google Blackmail!

A lot is going on Internet regarding our Privacy. No, I am not talking about the NSA but i’m talking about Google. You might have heard about Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign. Its about how Google steals your Data. Microsoft wants us to know about Google so that we may start using Bing!

scroogled-ShootOrderWell, its about two companies fighting to win the market share and Of course, Microsoft is just taking some pages from Apple to use against Google! You all might remember very well how apple used the hatred against Microsoft to drive it’s market share and for marketing trying to prove how cool apple is. Well, it worked then for Apple but not too much for Microsoft.

On the Other hand, Data Liberation Front’s only objective is to help us to to control the data we store in any of Google’s products.  They say, Their team’s goal is to make it easier to move data in and out. So, this might give you an Idea, How Worst the case is!

But the point we all agree on is Search Gaint is Collecting a lot of Information about us. You like it or not. To Address all these issues Google allowed us to know how much date it knows about us at Google Takeout. Well, Still the criticism is high and a lot of memes are up on the Internet to tell us how much data Google knows about us.

Lately, This video is making rounds over the internet. Titled as ” Google is Going to blackmail You”. Well, it sure is funny and worth watching!

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