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Social Media: Understanding Why It’s Important

Ever since the inception of Facebook back in 2004, the online social life of an average human being increased on a rapid level. As the present transformed itself into history, it was noticed that Facebook or websites of the same genre were becoming a platform not only to increase your social status or to increase your personal fame but also as a platform for any business to instantly connect to their customers, to understand their requirements and needs and to know the feedback on their product or service and act accordingly.

When one tries to understand the basis of how to influence one’s customers on social media, all that comes to mind is create a new page, present your product in a flowery way, show the benefits of using that product, add a few pictures and voila! your sales have touched the heights. Now obviously, this ideal situation does not really happens given the kind of competition one faces on social platform, If one goes to any search engine and try to find how to turn this around, a lot of strategies come your way.  And although yes each factor mentioned in such strategies are equally important, it does not make your company stand out on a level you expected.

One of the factors on which not much emphasis is given to ‘Transparency’ or ‘Honesty’ if put in a more simplified way. A product or service, irrespective of it’s uniqueness, will not attain publicity as long the company is not trusted by the target market.

Hence, Social Media is not just a tool to advertise your product on public domain, it is about connecting to your target market on a more personalized level, It gives the opportunity to build a trust among the customers so they not only use the product or service but also spread their experience to people connected to them, ergo increasing the company’s target market and good will. In today’s market where one product is sold differently by atleast 5 different companies, the focus of any customer is directed less towards the product and more towards the recognition of the company, and a company is only recognized according to the way it addresses its customers. Although practically speaking the idea of “customer is king” seems a bit far-fetched but then again no customer wants to be a king, what a customer hopes to receive is importance and concern and value for their hard earned money by the company, which if received or neglected directly and rapidly results to appreciation or criticism of a company and its product or service.

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