Web Designing.

Everyone needs wants a great Web Design. well, almost everyone! Every Business uses its website as a primary point of contact to reach potential Clients. But does every Business has a great website? NO! Every Business Invests Money on their website but not everyone has a great website.

There are some Key Points everyone needs to keep in mind while designing or placing an order at some company.

1. Why are you making this website for? for Conversions. ie., to get more clients or to make the word spread. So, Make sure to include great content. Good Content Makes People Stay Longer!

2. Make Sure that your user stays on course, If user is lost on your website then chances are that you lost him too!

3. Functionality should be minimum, Look at your website and criticize it. No of clicks to read important info about your Company like Contact us, Services should be minimum.

4. SEO Optimization, If your Site isn’t Optimized then you are lost in the internet sea and users might never find you! So, when you give get your website designed make sure it is SEO and Design is in the hands if same Agency.

So what does this all mean? This is all about giving your website a purpose!  Purpose of your website is to generate the traffic and convert traffic into sales. Visitors will bounce if they don’t find what they want extremely quickly: generally within 5-10 seconds. In this time, you should give them a reason to stay. When they continue to browse your site, it should work as expected.


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