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Facebook for your Business!

Facebook has currently more than 1.2 billion users. No one can deny that Facebook can be a great platform to promote your brand. But How? Every MNC has a Facebook Page and so does your Competitor and every other Business. How can you stand out? Here are some tips for you!

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Cover Page is the most important asset of your page. This will lead the visitors to hit a like! So make sure your cover pic is bright, clean and classy! Facebook users might only have few seconds for the first impression, so make sure you have made a good impression with a good cover page. Make sure it also contains vital information about what your business is! You must ensure that your pic rocks in order to get more followers/likes!

Do you know that the Description contains the meta data about your page? yes, it does Indeed. Make sure that you fill all the columns Facebook offers. Take out some time and do it. and yes, you have to stay creative in the entire process. Don’t just make your description as an advertisement. Tell your users its fun too!

Posts are the heart of a Facebook, you don’t share good content, you won’t have the  engagement and so does new likes! Engage with the followers, Share enchanting content and then engage with them again!

So, is that all? No that is not all! Its only so that you can have a good start. I’ll write more blogs about Facebook for your business in the future!

In the mean while, Let me know what do you think about the blog in the comments below.

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