Knowing The Magician

Healer | Wizard | Visionary

“I’m a realistic opportunist. I create solutions from thin air. I empower people by solving their problems in the most unimaginable manner possible. I’m the Magician.”

“Come on Potter tell me what is your strength?” asks Prof. Alastor Moody The Magician is an opportunist. He empowers you by helping you find the solution. He is the catalyst for change. Whatever he produces brings amazement and wonder.

Professor Moody

Fascinating as it sounds, many brands all over the world follow this archetype and represent themselves to be the Magician in whatever they do. The core characteristics of The Magician resemble their products’ aesthetics and they weave their marketing and advertising around them.

Brands who follow this archetype create disruptive inventions that change the course of people’s life. Their solutions are ground-breaking and their methods are non-conventional.

I follow it religiously!

Let’s take the example of the brand Tesla. Elon Musk as a person himself is a magician for he has created businesses that people can only dream of and Tesla being his brainchild is a living manifestation of the future of the automobile industry.

Let’s have a look into the various attributes of  this archetype:

Brands that follow this archetype are:

  1. Tesla
  2. Apple
  3. Xbox
  4. Master Card
  5. Smirnoff

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