Knowing The Sage

Mentor | Teacher |Philosopher

“I am the seeker for true knowledge and a constant learner who channelizes his/her learning for the benefit of others. I am the Guru. The source of my learning quenches others’ quest for knowledge.”

“We teachers are rather good at magic, you know,” said professor Mcgonnagal, one of the finest teachers at Hogwarts. The sage knows both the sides of the coin and remains calm. He believes in educating the world with his knowledge. He is a perfectionist and never settles for anything less than that. 

Professor McGonagall

Fascinating as it sounds, many brands all over the world follow this archetype and represent themselves to be a teacher in whatever they do. The core characteristics of the teacher resemble their products’ aesthetics, and their marketing and advertising are done accordingly. 

Brands who follow this archetype believe in educating the world and are often termed as wise, open-minded and articulate.

I follow it religiously!

Let’s take the example of modern-day Guru, Google. The brand has established itself like the nucleus of online search and is the most loved and seek for search engine. With the help of its inexhaustible resources and knowledge, it has made this world dependent on it and is the best open encyclopaedia. 

Let’s have a look at various attributes of this archetype:

The brands who follow this archetype are:

  1. Google
  2. TED
  3. BBC
  4. National Geographic
  5. Philips

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